Terms and conditions

Requirements for websites:

• at least 5000 hits on the website per day during the last month;

• no illegal content at the website;

• only high-quality traffic sources;

• website content;

The information about visits and traffic sources must be confirmed by one of independent sources like Google Analytics, Live Internet, Rambler's TOP100, Rating mail.ru, Openstat, Hot Log, Yandex.Metrics.

We ask to provide guest access to your statistics on terms of our responsible work with your data. Provided statistics shall disclose the traffic sources.

Rules for sites acceptence

Republer does not accept:

• websites that don’t meet the abovementioned requirements;

• websites violating the law of the Russian Federation;

• free web hosting websites (narod.ru, ucoz.ru, etc.) and redirect services (jump.ru, da.ru e.t.c.);

• websites attracting traffic by fraudulent links, e.g. the links with the names that are different from the website content;

• websites distributing pirated software and violating the copyright laws including torrent-trackers;

• websites containing obscenities or containing and distributing all kinds of sexual content (sex pictures, links or ads, etc.).

Republer reserves the right to deny registration to the website for the abovementioned reasons. In this case, we’re likely to explain the deny reason.

1. General provisions

These Rules are mentioned to cover the general principles of Republer’s cooperation with other websites (partners). Any user that has a Republer account and set Republer code/codes at the administered website/websites can be Republer’s partner. If the account owner is changed, he/she shall inform Republer manager about it and receive the instructions on all the further actions. The partner shall not introduce any independent changes into the ad call code provided by Republer. The partner shall read and observe the present Rules. In case of the Rules violation, the Partner can be warned or banned in the system. Republer reserves the right to ban the Partner without explaining the reasons.

All the providers of advertising materials Republer works with are notified about the liability for publishing the advertising materials violating the applicable legislation. If the Partner’s representative or any other person considers the published advertising materials at the Partner’s website/websites violating the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation as well as copyright or any other rights, he/she shall inform Republer about these materials asap and provide the webpage screenshots with the problem advertising materials if possible. Republer conducts an on-the-spot inspection and in case of any violations detected takes all the necessary measures to prevent further problem advertising materials publications at the partners’ websites.

2. Ad tag placement recommendations

You can place ad tag anywhere but we recommend to place it in the first or the second screen to make it more effective.

3. Republer's technology

Republer works using RTB (Real Time Bidding) technology when the real time auction starts for every advertising impression between all the interested parties.

4. Liability restrictions

Republer reserves the right to deny cooperation to any website or to ban any Partner’s account or website without explaining the reason. Republer shall not be liable for e-mail non-deliver if it is related to unstable or bad Internet-connection of the addressee as well as for any other reasons that are beyond Republer’s control.