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Republer — a new word in website monetization
  • The auction model pushes the average up

    Real-time bidding is arranged so that all advertisers can bargain for each visitor on each website simultaneously. These are thousands of players competing for the traffic they are interested in - a global digital exchange with the access provided by Republer SSP.

    As a result, your ads are sold at a fair market price instead of selling as “agreed”.

    The auction itself does not guarantee your stock ad inventory sales but the number of traders makes it much more expectable.

  • The parallel biddings rule out the “queue paradox”

    Traditional model is not the most profitable for the website owners. Ad tag of the network, which is the first in a row gets almost the entire traffic. If someone is ready to pay more - you’ll never know about it.

    Republer solves this problem at the basic functionality level. We collect all the bids concurrently. Right of impression goes for those who propose the highest price instead of the ones that agreed the first. Always.

  • Big Data reveals
    the true value of your audience

    Our data-centers collect information about billions of auctions. We analyze what audiences give rise to burst of bids, and buyers who never respond to.

    Every auction we arrange makes platform more intellectual.

    Republer predicts the purchase system behavior and makes your audience be proposed to the buyers that are more likely to buy them at a higher price.

    Less auctions are running idle - bigger the profit.

What do we do?
In order to make your inventory to be sold at the highest possible price without any business risks
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Republer from the inside

We continuously improve the system functionality and user-friendliness
considering market demands and publishers needs

It’s up to you to decide who is going to see ad banners and who isn’t

Blacklists allow to filter your competitors and the fields you are not interested in.

Incognito mode secures direct sales

Extra traffic can be sold without showing the referrer.

The auction results are absolutely transparent

You can always study auction history to see how much advertisers paid for every impression at your website.

Analytics can prompt winning strategies

You see what places and formats bring bigger profit and thus can improve your impressions.

When there are enabled DSP there is the money in the system

Republer is connected to all major programmatic demand available on the market. We are continuously adding new DSP expanding the pool of advertisers participating in every auction.

You set floor price

Your inventory is sold at price you consider adequate yourself.

Meet your right hand!

We provide an experienced manager for every large website that will study your website content and audience as well for providing assistance in website fine performing.
We are by your side
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