Privacy Policy

Republer does use cookies to discriminate unique visitors. You may allow Republer cookies or opt out them.

What it means to allow Republer cookies?

If you let Republer to set a cookie in your internet browser, the Republer ad server can ensure that you do not see certain ads multiple times per day. The ad server can also deliver ads to you that are based on your browsing patterns and behaviors.

The Republer cookie is not a program and cannot execute anything on your computer. The Republer cookie can simply help the Republer ad server to find the most appropriate ads for you.

The Republer cookie collects no personally identifiable information. Republer, the Republer ad server and the Republer cookie do not use, collect, or in any other way gather or store any personally identifiable information about anyone, ever.

Opting out of the Republer Cookie does not mean that you will stop seeing ads. Opting out of the Republer Cookie means that you will no longer see ads that are selected for you, based on your browsing behavior or other ads you have seen. Opting out of the Republer cookie means that you may see ads multiple times, and that are targeted to users located anywhere in the world.

The Republer Opt Out tool is cookie based. If you have cookies blocked, or have blocked cookies from Republer, the Opt Out tool will not work. The Opt Out Tool sets a nonunique value in your Republer cookie that tells the Republer ad server to serve you any ad, rather than an advertisement that is customized for you. The opt out tool cannot set this value if you have no Republer cookie.

You have оpted in Republer cookie.

Concerns? Contact Us. We understand that privacy and security on the internet is of utmost importance. Consumers should feel safe and comfortable with the complex and fun resource that is the internet. If you have any questions about the Republer technology, our practices or privacy policy, contact us at

Third-Party Advertising.

We may allow third parties, including business partners and ad networks, to display advertising on our sites. Some of these companies may place a cookie on your computer to recognize your computer each time they send you an online advertisement. This enables them to understand where you, or others who are using your computer, saw their advertisement and deliver ads that they believe are of interest to you. We do not control these companies’ use of cookies. Some of these companies are members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), which offers a single location to opt out of their cookies. Please visit the Network Advertising Initiative’s website at:

Please note that if you decide to renounce the use of your information to deliver advertisements according to your interests, you will continue to see advertisements on our site, but these advertisements may not be as relevant to you.